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Introducing an Idea

Your Business, Our Passion!

Ledger Lovers is a top provider of expert administration and consultancy services with many years of experience. Our general partners themselves have set up multiple companies and thus perfectly know and understand the challenges start-ups face. Be it to simply keep the business running or to focus on further growth.

Projects - Startup

Startup - Services

Unfortunately, running a business also comes with a lot of paperwork and administration, which most start-ups have problems with or simply do not want to spend any time on.

Ledger Lovers will take care of these matters for you and advise you, even when you don’t ask!

With our service packages, we can take care of the full administrational palette that are:

Projects - Business

Existing Business Services

Next to the purely administrative work, we employ a vast network of specialists that are at your disposal to advise you on more complicated matters concerning HR, accounting or fiscality to ensure that you avoid common mistakes and optimize your current situation.

Our Partners


Ade Priatni Darum MBA

No business, from one-person operations to leading multinational corporations, can avoid the
painful duty of bookkeeping. While it's not one of the more attractive aspects of being an entrepreneur, with its "business dirty laundry list” to do, bookkeeping is at the centre of successful small-business operations, I am trilled to work together with Ledger Lovers, it's lift up all my administrations problem.  
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